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Rebel Stables is Ready to Transform Horse Racing

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

by Karl Abramson

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” - Andy Warhol

Rebel Stables has taken a stand, on behalf of horse owners, trainers, jockeys, farriers, and racing fans across America, to make necessary changes to our beloved racing industry. Through hours upon hours of brainstorming, research, and discussion, our dedicated team has identified three key aspects of horse racing that have contributed to a declining sport: a lack of technology, a lack of engagement with younger fans, and unethical treatment of our animals.

However, we didn’t just identify the problems. We’re building solutions and reimagining the Sport of Kings as one in which fans - young and old - can engage with industry leaders and experts. We see a future for horse racing that is brighter than ever, and we encourage you to join us on this journey.

The first aspect of horse racing that is severely lagging behind other professional sports is our use of technology. This is not a controversial opinion. People of all ages and levels of involvement in our sport agree: horse racing needs a technological revolution.

To that end, Rebel Stables is developing groundbreaking technology that will connect people across the globe who are involved in racing. This technology will bridge the gap between casual fans and dominant trainers. It will create a platform for collaboration and innovation. Most importantly, it will add to the intrigue of our sport and is guaranteed to bring fresh faces to the industry.

This leads to our second goal: increasing engagement among younger generations. In large part due to a lack of technology, racing fans have the second highest average viewer age in all of professional sports. Only golf, with an average viewer age of 64 years, has an older audience than racing (63 years). While it is amazing to have fans as committed as those of horse racing, a more diverse audience is necessary for long-term success. Rebel Stables recognizes this and is dedicated to bringing new fans into our sport. Not only do we plan to introduce younger fans to racing, we have committed ourselves to ensuring that they remain involved in our sport for years to come by founding our premier thoroughbred racing partial ownership group, Rebel Society.

Rebel Society makes horse racing accessible to a wider audience and allows members to enjoy all of the benefits of being a racehorse owner at a fraction of the cost. Our members have the opportunity to ask questions of the very best trainers, vets, and bloodstock agents in the industry.

The third aspect of racing that we are committed to improving is our sport’s transparency and ensuring ethical treatment of our animals. Just a few days ago, 3-year-old Kentucky Derby champion Medina Spirit tragically died during training. The unethical treatment of horses in our industry is not a new issue, however, the death of Medina Spirit has reignited this debate. Rebel Stables is dedicated to putting the equine-athletes first, in all areas. Our top-tier facilities, trainers, and nutrition program is evidence of this. Racing, and the financial success that comes with racing, must defer to horses’ health and wellbeing. We intend to partner with organizations that will work with us towards this goal and assist non-profit groups with transitioning racehorses to a fulfilling post-racing career.

We hope you will join us on our journey to strengthen our beloved sport and ensure it will be enjoyed thoroughly by generations to come. This blog will function as our way of updating you on our progress and share with you the fascinating stories that come with transforming a professional sport through physical and digital experiences. We can’t wait!

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